Real Estate Agents in Clarksville TN

Real Estate Agents in Clarksville TN

real estate agents in clarksville tn

Buying and selling a home made simple, Ron Dayley Realtor

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There are homes for sale all over Clarksville TN, which one is right for you?  There may be as many Realtors here as homes.  It’s a competitive market which is good for everyone involved.  Ron Dayley is a new breed of Concierge Realtors that offer specialized high end services to his clients.  Ron is available 7 days a week and works around his clients schedule.  Ron’s typical client is a busy executive or professional who doesn’t have time to spend hours, days, weeks or even months looking for a new home.  There are many Real Estate Agents in Clarksville TN but only one Ron Dayley.

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Upscale homes for sale in Clarksville TN

Ron will do all the leg work and search through all the listings, talk to custom home builders and find the perfect house for you.  When we talked to Ron about his services and the cost associated with his services, his reply was “you’d be very surprised at how affordable it is” and he wasn’t kidding.  Ron Dayley’s services are totally free to the home buyer since the seller is the one paying for his services.  Ron doesn’t get paid any more or less than other Real Estate Agents in Clarksville TN , he just provides better service.  According to Ron, “Real Estate is a word of mouth and reputation based business.  Recommendations are what drives our business so I go out of my way to provide services that are above and beyond my competition”.
“Today’s Real Estate Market is worlds different than it was just 10 or even 5 years ago.  Realtors have to evolve and use technology that wasn’t available to the old guard of real estate agents”.   Ron went on to say, “Real Estate Agents in Clarksville TN like most other cities still rely on the old school ways or marketing, I’m here to show them and the people of Clarksville that there is a newer and better client and technology focused way of doing things”.

If you are in the market to buy a home or an investment property in Clarksville TN area, give Ron Dayley a call at Coldwell Banker-Conroy, Marable and Holleman.  REI Clarksville.

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